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Style Consultant 


Rajvi Sheth is a multi-talented professional who combines her expertise as a style consultant, creative director, and visual artist to produce inspiring results. With a background in fashion from the London College of Fashion, Rajvi brings a unique perspective to her work, always exploring new techniques to communicate her ideas and tell visual stories. Her minimalist approach, attention to detail, and ability to effectively manage projects have earned her recognition in the industry.

Her love for color and design is evident in her projects, where she experiments with thoughts and styles to create truly unique spaces and outfits. As a result of her extensive experience in the field, she is constantly evolving and seeking to break stereotypes in fashion through timeless designs.

With a career spanning 7 years, Rajvi has worked as a stylist on digital films, editorials, and TV commercials, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to her craft. If you are looking for a talented and creative professional to elevate your style.



Nivas Villas, Moira, Goa

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